Healing Gifts for the Grieving, Crafted by Grievers.

Thoughtful, Unique Sympathy Gifts. An Alternative to Sending Flowers.

So, what's included in our Sympathy Box?

Every AFTER Sympathy Box comes with support and compassion.


AFTER: Love and Light includes an 8oz aromatherapy soy candle, tissues, reusable keepsake box filled with inspirational messages and thoughts specific to your candle, sympathy greeting card with a handwritten-personalized message.

Our “Yearly” Candles (Remembrance, Deathiversary, Birthday & Holiday) are 6 oz soy wax aromatherapy candle. No box. Greeting post card with your message is included.


Loss of a father, loss of a mother, loss of a grandparent, loss of husband, loss of wife, loss of a sister, loss of a brother, loss of a cousin, loss of an aunt, loss of an uncle, loss of a friend, loss of a child, loss of a loved one, loss of a family member.


Aromatherapy benefits, non-GMM soy wax, 100% pure essential or fragrance oils, 100% natural organic coconut oil, 100% pure cotton wick, low soot emission, synthetic free, vegan, burns for approximately 45-75 hours, made in the U.S.


Standard shipping arrives in 3-4 business days. Due to COVID restrictions, please expect shipping delays. Although rare, sometimes packages arrive up to 5 days from time of order.

  • AFTER: Love and Light Candle

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  • AFTER: Birthday

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  • AFTER: Deathiversary

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  • AFTER: Divorce

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  • AFTER: Holiday

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  • AFTER: Remembrance

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  • AFTER Beloved Pet Sympathy Gift

    AFTER: Beloved Pet

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  • AFTER: Cancer

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  • AFTER Miscarriage Sympathy Gift

    AFTER: Miscarriage

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AFTER: Luminous Box for the Grieving

All of our "yearly" candles in one box. The first year without your loved one is extremely difficult. Celebrate the Birthdays, Anniversaries and other special days with this beautiful keepsake box.

AFTER: Breast Cancer

Check back in for upcoming product releases.

Together, let’s illuminate grief.


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