What do I send my grieving loved one?

What do I send my grieving loved one?

A Replacement to Sending Flowers

We understand how overwhelming it can be to choose a sympathy gift.  The AFTER Company was created by owner, Lisa Marie, to provide comfort to your grieving loved one and serve as a reminder of your support during difficult times.

Send your loved one a sympathy gift with purpose.  
Delivered in a handmade, reusable, wooden box with thoughtful coping activities for reuse and an 8oz aromatherapy candle, 16-page inspirational booklet, tissues, matches, candle coaster, and a small talisman. 

We ALL Have a Story.

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Behind The AFTER Company is me. My story is much like yours: I lost someone I loved more than life and it was the darkest time of my life. My family and I suffered the sudden loss of my brother, Daniel in 2014. I was met by very loud silence and an array of flowers that I only envisioned dying and knew I wanted to do something bigger. Something that would help people talk AND think about grief. 

AFTER’s hope, my dream, is to provide grievers with something that is thoughtful, memorable and helpful. Grief is unique to each and every person but under all grief is love and light – which is why we think of AFTER as Grief’s Illumination.

I offer you Love and Light, always. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my story.

The AFTER Company flame

AFTER Sympathy Boxes are handmade and delivered with support and compassion.

Sympathy Boxes Include

  • 8 oz. aromatherapy soy candle
  • reusable wooden keepsake box 
  • thoughtful coping activities for wooden box reuse
  • 16-page booklet filled with inspirational messages and thoughts
  • matches
  • tissues
  • candle coaster
  • small talisman to keep with you

Benefits Include

  • Aromatherapy benefits
  • non-GMM soy wax
  • 100% pure essential or fragrance oils
  • 100% natural organic coconut oil
  • 100% pure cotton wick
  • low soot emission
  • synthetic free and vegan
  • burns for approximately 60 hours, made in the U.S.


Next day shipping options available, standard shipping arrives in 3-4 business days, personalized cards


The Grief Candle

Our signature candle is designed to help aid someone recently bereft by a loss. Send your loved one, Love and Light and remind them, they are not alone.

Aromas: Lavender, Sage


The Empty Seat

Let this be a light at the empty seat at the holiday table.  This candle makes for a thoughtful gift during Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and other religious holidays.

Aromas: Clove, Cinnamon, Orange


A Celebratory Day

This candle can become a great ritual to honor a loved one’s life and birthday. Just because they are no longer with us, does not mean we cannot continue celebrating their life!

Aromas: Vanilla, Lemongrass


Everyday and Anyday

May this candle help you through the special days.  Best uses include anniversaries, family traditions and get-togethers. Hold space for their memory. Light this candle as a ritual every year to honor these remembrance days.

Aromas: Rose Geranium, Frankincense, Sage, Sandalwood, Lavender, Patchouli


The Darkest Day

May this flame illuminate your heart on your darkest day of the year. This candle was created to allow grievers a small ritual on this challenging day. Light this candle to bring light into your aching heart.  

Aromas: Frankincense, Rose Geranium, Orange