Don’t know how to help your grieving friend?  Let us assist and guide you.
We will remind you of the special days ahead that will be hard for your friend. We will encourage you to reach out and offer suggestions on what to say and what to do. Let us take your hand and help you along.

We have options for reaching out: email, phone call or text message:
Receive a phone call or text message two weeks before the deceased person’s birthday, deathiversary or another special day, so you can reach out to your grieving friend to offer your support. Life may have moved on for you but it probably hasn’t for your grieving friend. Let her not be alone during this difficult time. 
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Yes! Please help me support my grieving loved one.

We want to change the way people interact with grief. We need your help to do that. The more people talk about it, the more honest conversations we can have. The more people realize we are all in this together, the more we can heal as a society. Help us illuminate grief, together.

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