Healing Gifts for the Grieving, Crafted by Grievers.


Each AFTER Love and Light Sympathy Box includes a custom AFTER Sympathy card with a hand-written message from you.  During checkout, there is a dedicated area for you to write you heartfelt words.  

Our 6 oz candles come with a postcard that says on one side ‘With Sympathy’ your message is written on the back side.

If you need help, are at a loss for words or just want to hear some ideas from our Grief Team, please note that and we will send options to help guide you or write it for you completely.  We are here for you.

Each AFTER Sympathy Box includes an aromatherapy soy candle, reusable box,  inspirational messages, tissues and a handwritten-personalized card. 

Each piece is hand-crafted, made in the U.S.

Our “Yearly” candles do not include a box. We do this to keep the costs down.

USPS shipping in the continental USA arrives in 3-6 business days.

Please note – due to COVID restrictions please expect shipping delays.

We ship from Colorado, USA. East Coast packages typically take 3-4 days to arrive. Texas deliveries are 3-4 days. California takes 3-6 days.

Packages leave our store Monday – Friday. Weekend orders are shipped out on Mondays.

Yes. AFTER Sympathy Boxes exist to bring warmth to a deeply aching heart.  Our Sympathy Boxes explore individual aspects of bereavement. Each is curated to fit different situations regarding the loss of a loved one. These range from things like the deceased’s birthday and the day they died to special anniversaries and celebrations they are no longer present for. Each candle has it’s own unique aromas.
AFTER LOVE and LIGHT is the first Sympathy Box we created.  We like to think of AFTER Love and Light as the introduction to our Sympathy Products.  We recommended sending upon loss and anytime during the first year.  “May this simple candle ease your sorrow, even if only for a moment. This candle is a helping hand for when the flowers die, all the food is eaten, and life moves on without us.”

We get that.  Candles can absolutely irritate you if they are done with less care and consideration of each ingredient.  We have sold hundreds of candles and are happy to report zero sensitivities! 

Our candles: Aromatherapy benefits, non-GMM soy wax, 100% pure essential or fragrance oils, 100% natural organic coconut oil, 100% pure cotton wick, low soot emission, synthetic free, vegan, burns for approximately 45-75 hours, made in the U.S.

AFTER Love and Light is designed to aid the grieving person as her grief unfolds over the first year after a death of a loved one. Our Memorial Candles are created to allow grievers a small ritual on challenging days. The intent is for your grieving loved one, or yourself, to light this candle to light these candles in remembrance of your lost loved one.

This day, as you know, is the Darkest Day.  AFTER Deathiversary was created to allow grievers a small ritual on this challenging day. The intent is for your grieving loved one, or yourself, to light this candle to bring light into your aching heart on this horrible day… the day you lost a piece of yourself, your heart.

Our new “Yearly” Candles are now less inexpensive as they were when we first started this company. Now you can purchase a Remembrance candle by itself. Great for if you need a refill! Love and Light remains to be a single package and cannot be broken apart. We designed it to be all inclusive.

We take care in ensuring the highest quality for each component in our AFTER Sympathy Box collection. As an eco-friendly company, everything is sourced locally. Each step of production is done with utmost love and care. We believe that such a genuine product deserves attention to detail. Unfortunately, the quality does come at a cost that impacts the final price of the AFTER box. Our products range from a simple greeting card to a luxury candle support box; $5 – $50

Together, let’s illuminate grief.


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