Of course! Why wouldn’t you?  Each AFTER Sympathy Box includes a custom AFTER Sympathy card with a hand-written message from you.  During checkout, there is a dedicated area for you to write you heartfelt words.  

If you need help, are at a loss for words or just want to hear some ideas from our Grief Team, please note that and we will send options to help guide you or write it for you completely.  We are here for you.

Each AFTER Sympathy Box includes an 8 oz. aromatherapy soy candle, reusable wooden keepsake box, a 16-page booklet filled with inspirational messages and thoughts specific to your candle, handwritten-personalized card, matches, tissues, candle coaster, and small talisman to keep with you for when you feel lonely.

Each piece is hand-crafted, made in the U.S. and completely thoughtful.

Standard shipping arrives in 3-4 business days.  Next day shipping options are available!  We respond to each order within the same business day to ask any questions you may have.

AFTER Sympathy Boxes exist to bring warmth to a deeply aching heart.  Our Sympathy Boxes explore individual aspects of bereavement. Each is curated to fit different situations regarding the loss of a loved one. These range from things like the deceased’s birthday and the day they died to special anniversaries and celebrations they are no longer present for. 
AFTER LOVE and LIGHT is the first Sympathy Box we created.  We like to think of AFTER Love and Light as the introduction to our Sympathy Products.  We recommended sending upon loss and anytime during the first year.  “May this simple candle ease your sorrow, even if only for a moment. This candle is a helping hand for when the flowers die, all the food is eaten, and life moves on without us.”

We get that.  Candles can absolutely irritate you if they are done with less care and consideration of each ingredient.  We have sold hundreds of candles and are happy to report zero sensitivities! 

Our candles: Aromatherapy benefits, non-GMM soy wax, 100% pure essential or fragrance oils, 100% natural organic coconut oil, 100% pure cotton wick, low soot emission, synthetic free, vegan, burns for approximately 60 hours, made in the U.S.

We absolutely can and would love to.  We offer a unique option to sign up for our email list to receive reminders of your loved ones deceased birthday, anniversaries, deathiversaries and even Holidays.  While the grief may not be visible, it never goes away.  A Sympathy Box is a great way to remind your loved one that they are not alone in their grief.

Your information is very sensitive to us.  We do not share your information with any other parties and you can opt out at anytime. Sign Up Here!

The AFTER Sympathy boxes are intended to help guide you through the process of grieving. The goal is to tend to the griever’s emotions in a complete way. Each one is a special package designed to aid someone through their journey of grief. 

Each AFTER Sympathy Box is delivered in a hand stained wooden box and contains an 8oz aromatherapy candle, 16-page booklet of gentle and comforting words and empathetic experiences – each unique to a different situation, matches, small talisman, magnet, coaster  There is also a personalized card included, written by caring hands that know grief. 

After Memorial Candles are a simpler, less involved approach. They are 6oz opposed to 8oz.  AFTER Beloved Pet and AFTER Miscarriage are the first of these new introductions, though more will follow.  They are intended to be lit in honor of what was lost. Rather than trying to aid in the grieving process, they are a solitary tool to be used without guidance. 

This day, as you know, is the Darkest Day.  AFTER Deathiversary was created to allow grievers a small ritual on this challenging day. The intent is for your grieving loved one, or yourself, to light this candle to bring light into your aching heart on this horrible day… the day you lost a piece of yourself, your heart.

No and we want to be sorry but the truth is, the AFTER Sympathy Boxes are just that.  They encompass so much more than a candle.  While the candle is certainly the centerpiece, each and every piece included is intentional.  Each Sympathy Box includes all the necessary pieces they might need to honor the memory of someone taken too soon. 

At this time, we do not have anything priced lower. We do, however, take care in ensuring the highest quality for each component in our AFTER Sympathy Box collection. As an eco-friendly company, everything is sourced locally. Each step of production is done with utmost love and care. We believe that such a genuine product deserves attention to detail. Unfortunately, the quality does come at a cost that impacts the final price of the AFTER box. 

Any ritual you can do to help ease your grief is helpful. It differs from person to person, and it’s most important to do whatever works for you. We have put a lot of consideration into the completeness of our AFTER boxes. The keepsake box, 16-page booklet of supporting messages, matches, talisman, and tissues add a special touch from our hearts you yours. They are designed with care to aid in the grieving process, but of course these components do add to the cost. If a single candle suits your needs more than what we have to offer, feel free to grieve in your own way. Grief is hard, we understand. Whatever you choose, we wish you love and light in your journey with grief.