How can you help a friend that has just lost someone they love? Traditionally flowers and greeting cards have been the bereavement gift staple for many years. They show you care but fall short on assistance. What if there was a way to show your support at the same time as helping your friend through her grief?

Introducing AFTER, a helping hand for the grieving person on behalf of you, the friend who wants to help. Our bereavement candle gifts are designed to help ease the pain of grief via our unique aromatherapy candles and inspirational grief booklets and add-ons.

From a place of compassion, we understand both sides of grief. To be so heartbroken and have friends all around us trying to help us and failing at times. Oppositely, we’ve held the hands of grieving friends as they process their own grief and we felt like we offered little to support.

These grief candles are designed to illuminate the darkness of grief. During grief, sometimes the only thing you can do is light a candle and breathe.

Could you help us help you? The AFTER Company is here to help you support you and your friend. We will remind you about the important days coming up in your friend’s new life, e.g., the late person’s birthday, anniversaries, etc.; so that you can always be a good friend that remembers.  You may move on and forget, but your grieving friend will never. Let AFTER bridge that gap on your behalf.

Together, let’s help illuminate grief.