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The AFTER Company Sympathy and Bereavement Box

How Businesses Can Help Grieving Clients and Employees

Businesses Are People, Too.

All businesses are run by people. Solopreneurs, CEOs, HR departments, etc., are all responsible for reacting to a client’s grief situation. They may not be there for the funeral, celebration-of-life or anything involved with the deceased and his family; however, businesses still play an important role. There is a change in how businesses and corporations treat their employees. The culture is shifting to be more compassionate and understanding of work/life balance. Wouldn’t it be great to gift the employee or client something that says ‘we care’ during the most difficult time of their lives? A fruit basket can only help so much. [To be clear: any gift is appreciated]. What if there was a gift that could help heal? Sending something so meaningful would certainly help you stand out and better your client/employee relationship. 

(When my brother died, I remember every one of my business owner friends who reached out. I also remember my mother’s employer sending a large $200 wine and cracker basket. The thought was appreciated, but it sat there taking up space. The most special gift we received was a bag full of candles from a friend of mine – giving birth to the whole idea of AFTER).

Send an AFTER: Love and Light Grief Support Box as a helpful, healing gift.

Flowers are beautiful, no doubt. By the time the griever can even notice them, the flowers have already peaked and are probably wilting. Sending plants is a better idea, but now you are adding another task for the griever to do. And what happens if it dies? They might feel even more upset that they couldn’t keep something alive, another reminder of death during a sensitive time.

Benefits of an AFTER Sympathy, Grief and Bereavement Gift

  • Provides a place for the griever to sit down, slow down, and process her delicate emotions. 
  • Creates a safe setting, almost like a graveyard, to grieve. 
  • Simple, meaningful, unique, useful gift | fire has been safety for us humans for thousands of years
  • Perfect for traveling to meet family | Bring it with you.
  • Helps connect distant family members who want to be together in spirit. 
  • Aromatherapy helps the griever cope with the stress, depression, fatigue and sleeplessness that often comes during grief. 
  • The candle itself burns for 65+ hours making it last longer than typical flower arrangements.
Stand Out | Make a Difference

Losing a loved one rips the rug out from underneath you. Being at such a ‘low’ place, you remember the people that are there for you and those that aren’t. Instead of keeping a safe distance, businesses should try be present with their client’s grief. You’d be surprised who steps up when someone is going through so much pain, and who doesn’t. Just saying ‘thinking of you’ frequently is enough. Example: “I am sending you this email to tell you that the whole team is thinking of you and we want you to know you are not alone.” *tip – don’t expect anything from them. You might not hear from them at all. And when/if they come back, they might not want to talk about it. Follow their lead. The most important thing is to not ignore this painful time in their life. Saying “I don’t know what to say” is perfectly fine.

Life isn’t just about celebrating the good times; it is about sharing the real ups and downs of life. Grief can bring out the worst in relationships or the best. Businesses need to step up and be more human. Give a sympathy gift that is hand-made and crafted with intention and love. 

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