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Sympathy Box vs Memorial Candles

Grief Support Candles vs Memorial Candles

At AFTER, we are always trying to find more ways to speak the language of grief.

We strive to find unique and thoughtful ways to express sympathy to our loved ones as well as comfort to ourselves. This process leads, as you may imagine, to more candle lines. 

AFTER Sympathy Boxes are centered around the variety of situations that arise in the face of grief, as well as the feelings that accompany them. Naturally, this means that each is created with a different purpose in mind.  

AFTER Sympathy Boxes exist to bring warmth to a deeply aching heart.

Our Sympathy Boxes explore individual aspects of bereavement. Each is curated to fit different situations regarding the loss of a loved one. These range from things like the deceased’s birthday and the day they died to special anniversaries and celebrations they are no longer present for. 

Our Sympathy Boxes are intended to help guide you through the process of grieving. The goal is to tend to the griever’s emotions in a complete way. Each one is a special package designed to aid someone through their journey of grief.  

Recently, we’ve introduced AFTER Memorial Candles. These are a simpler, less involved approach.  AFTER Beloved Pet and AFTER Miscarriage are the first of these new introductions, though more will follow. 

AFTER Memorial Candles are meant to represent the happiness they brought to your life.

Our Memorial Candles are centered around a single source of grief. They are intended to be lit in honor of what was lost. Rather than trying to aid in the grieving process, they are a solitary tool to be used without guidance. 

All AFTER Sympathy Boxes are tools for grieving in a personal way. The variation is simply the depth of support we offer alongside the candle.

In learning to address grief in different ways, we’ve come to embrace the diverse forms of expression. We’re excited to offer our new Memorial Candles and look forward to discovering even more ways to heal our hearts and the hearts of those we love. 

Light a candle, breathe, and together, let’s illuminate grief.

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Together, let’s illuminate grief.


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