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Aromatherapy | Back to the Basics

People have been lighting candles for centuries for healing and when praying for loved ones. Candles represent light and warmth. Aromatherapy is healing and medicinal.

Millions of people throughout the world have been using their noses to heal their bodies for centuries. They discovered that conditions such as grief, anxiety, depression, poor digestion, pain, hormonal imbalance and low energy are just a few of the issues that respond to the messages the nose sends to our nervous system when it breathes the scents of certain plants.

Aromatherapy: Distilling, or purifying a liquid by vaporizing down to the essential highly concentrated part of the plant, made the manufacture and distribution of healing oils easy to distribute on a large scale. We embrace aromatherapy in many forms. Essential oil mixed with wax, is a great way to have healing aromatherapy emanating through your home.

The AFTER Company candles were created on the foundation of offering peace to the griever and a way to say, “I am so sorry for your pain, I am here for you,” from the supporter. We need to boost our spirits during our grief. We understand from experience that this incredible pain is not a simple problem that can be unraveled.

The AFTER candle is built around the fact that nothing can truly take the pain away.

AFTER is simply an attempt to aid in coping as you adjust to your life after such a heavy loss. While a flickering candle can assist in being present with our emotions; it cannot take away anyone’s suffering. We are here to create a safe space and whether that’s here or within your home, our only hope is to offer you Love and Light.

A List of The AFTER Company Candles and Their Aromatherapy Benefits: 
Like exercise, habits and all things promoting change, it is recommended that aromatherapy is used consistently for true on-going benefits.

Love and Light | Lavender and Sage
The combination of lavender and sage is a marriage of love and light. Lavender has been proven to calm anxiety, relax us, and enhance our mood, and sage, helps to cope with despair and mental fatigue. The combined medicinal benefits: improving memory, sleep aid, antioxidants, depression and more.

Remembrance | Rose, Frankincense, Sage, Sandalwood, Lavender, and Patchouli.
The scent of the beautiful flower, rose geranium, relieves headaches, lowers stress, and contains powerful antioxidants that keep us well. Combined with frankincense, which increases spiritual awareness, sage for mental stimulation, sandalwood for mental clarity, calming and balancing lavender and patchouli for reducing anxiety, the synergy was created to help us take a deep breath, remember and reflect.

Holiday | Clove, Cinnamon and Orange
The combination is earthy, heartwarming and filled with love. Cinnamon for promoting energy, clove for sleep and reducing fatigue and orange to work as an antidepressant. The Holiday table will never be the same without them but we can acknowledge that pain and the empty seat by lighting a candle in their memory.

Birthday | Vanilla & Lemongrass
Vanilla is an unmistakable happy smell around the globe. Just a touch makes the icing on your cake perfect; its sweetness is calming, evokes happy memories, and helps relax our emotions. Combined with cell boosting, spicy lemongrass makes a combination of Birthday Cake. Let this candle remind us of a significant day, the day your loved one was born.

Deathiversary | Frankincense, Rose Geranium, Orange
Remembering the lives of those we love is enhanced by the senses when you burn a candle. Combining frankincense (spiritual), rose geranium (awareness) and orange (uplifting) create a new ritual on this challenging day. Relax and replay memories or just feel the energy of being present.

AFTER products are made with deep love and from a place of caring. Pain is a very personal thing and all people grieve differently. A candle may not be what works best for you but whatever you choose, we wish you love and light in your journey with grief. 

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