Healing Gifts for the Grieving, Crafted by Grievers.

Our AFTER Story

Our family suffered the sudden death of my brother, Daniel, in 2014.  We were left struck numb and deep with grief.  All I felt was utter pain and overwhelming loneliness and depression. It was the darkest path I’ve ever been down.

And if that wasn’t hard enough, it seemed for the first time in my life, I was met with true silence by those around me because like most people, we either don’t know exactly what to say or are afraid to say something wrong, so we say nothing. 

It’s likely that each of us has been on one side or the other of grief, or both. It’s time we take the numbness out of death and start talking again.

Lisa Patchem

I created The After Company grief candle line as an answer to the universal frantic question our loved ones asked—"How can I help?”

The After Company candles were created to be a helping hand for when the flowers die, all the food is eaten, and life moves on without us. Each candle is a reminder to sit down, slow down, be present, take a deep breath, and cherish memories of a loved one lost. A flame is a reminder of our own inner light and of what is, what once was and what will be. It’s a symbol of warmth.
During grief, sometimes all you can do is light a candle and breathe.
I offer you love and light,

Together, let’s illuminate grief.


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