You are here because you hurt, and we are here because we empathize and want to help. AFTER was founded by a grieving sister who wanted something to help with her pain and in doing so, help others. Like you. 

Deep loss means losing a precious being as they drop away from this living earth. The world we inhabit in the wake of their passage is known only as “after.” There is no known compass that exists with which to gain our bearings.

AFTER Remembrance - Griever

“An AFTER candle is a unique and genuine way to show empathy to someone dealing with grief. It's clear that a lot of love and consideration go into each box, and the aromas are fantastic. The booklet is touching and the attention to detail doesn't go unnoticed! It's a perfect gesture for a difficult situation.” - Nicole O.

You are not alone in your grief...

Lisa Patchem

Can we be there for you?

AFTER’s bereavement candles were created and designed to help ease the pain of grief via each candles unique aromatherapy elements and inspirational grief booklets.  We are here to talk, support and listen when you need it the most. Reach out to Lisa Patchem, After Company Founder and Supporter.

Stay in touch

The AFTER Company is here to help you. We like to stay in touch, ask how you are doing and see if there is anything AFTER can do for you. If we can be there for you or for someone you know, we would like to offer a hand.  Together, let’s help illuminate grief.