Healing Gifts for the Grieving, Crafted by Grievers.

A look at Luminous Box for the Grieving

A helping hand through the most difficult days of the year.

What is included in The Luminous Box for the Grieving?

The Luminous Box for the Grieving is a book-style box containing four soy candles from AFTER’s yearly series: Remembrance, Birthday, Deathiversary, and Holiday.

Each 6oz candle incorporates different aromas, specific to the unique emotional needs of each milestone. The Birthday candle has the celebratory aroma of a vanilla birthday cake, while the rose geranium and orange of the Deathiversary candle help uplift the spirit on a dark day. Calming lavender and inspiring sage make the aroma of Remembrance universally soothing, and the Holiday candle’s warm wintry aromas invite familiar comfort.


How does the Luminous Box work?

Grief doesn’t magically vanish after the funeral, or even after the first year (or ten).

Regular reflection, especially during special occasions, is an enduring source of comfort. The multiple candles in the Luminous Box represent those times, encouraging healing during the grieving process.

Rituals are part of what make us human and having a beautiful candle to create your own is soothing. When faced with the numbness of losing a loved one, there is gentle simplicity in lighting a candle and holding space for your feelings.

When the traditional flowers die and all the food is eaten, The Luminous Box for the Grieving will be there. 


When is an appropriate time to gift the Luminous Box for the Grieving?

The ideal time to give this remembrance sympathy gift is one month after the death of the loved one. Typically, this is when the dust begins to settle and the visits slow down.

Speaking from the experience of my brother’s death, this is the loneliest time. That was the true start of my grieving process and when I needed support the most.

However, The Luminous Box for the Grieving doesn’t stop being appropriate after the first wave. This unique sympathy gift is a source of support along the road ahead, so don’t hesitate to reach out at any time. No matter when you choose to give your gift, you are showing your grieving loved one that they have not been forgotten.

There is also nothing wrong with buying this gift for yourself. You may not know what to do after losing a spouse or the loss of a mother. Giving yourself space to grieve is important, using whatever tools you see fit.


What sets the Luminous Box for the Grieving apart from other bereavement gifts?

Bereavement gifts often fall short in terms of long-term support.

No matter the expense, a bouquet of flowers will fade away and die. Even the most thoughtfully prepared meals will have long been eaten by the time your loved one is alone to process their loss.

This is where AFTER grief support gifts come in.

The careful packaging and durable magnetic-closure box were designed with shelf life in mind. The candles themselves are made of non-GMM soy wax, giving them an especially long burn time. The candles are also available individually, making the box refillable to be enjoyed for years to come.

AFTER products were crafted to serve a grieving person long after the funeral timeframe, and the quality reflects the intention. 


Purchase this grief support candle box here.

Together, let’s illuminate grief.


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