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5 Calming Benefits of Candlelight

Candles have been a long-favored method of relaxation for, presumably, as long as they have existed. The warm, slowly flickering glow is synonymous with calm and tranquility. Many know that the combination of aromatherapy and candles is a powerful way to alter your state of mind. Different oils all have different effects, but one of the more common uses for aromatherapy is relaxation. Candles aren’t just a vehicle for aroma, though; they’re full of their own calming properties! Aromatherapy tends to take center stage when discussing benefits, but it’s important to appreciate the flame for what it is. 

So, here’s five reasons to choose a candle for your calming needs.

1.   You are setting the scene for relaxation.
When you light a candle, you are making a conscious effort to do so. You are setting an intention to feel calmer, and the act of lighting the candle is the first step in getting to that state. By stopping to strike a match and put flame to wick, you are making a commitment to the act. This is an agreement, to yourself, to stop what you’re doing and transition into a different, more tranquil state. It’s satisfying in and of itself to put effort toward self-care, so this deliberate act is a very powerful first step. 
2.   You already know what to expect.
We’ve known for a long, long time that candles are relaxing.  They’re a classic component to many calm-inducing practices, such as meditation and massage. That’s part of why they’re so effective! It’s ingrained in our minds that lighting a candle is a great way to soothe the soul. Our mind associates candlelight with calm, so when we enjoy candles, we already expect to feel a decrease in stress level. Once the warm glow hits the eye, our brain is already getting the message: calm down. 
3.   You’re increasing your spiritual connection.
Most religions have a clear association between the light of a candle and the light of the divine. Candles are often charged with thinning or breaking “the veil” between the spiritual world and our own. There’s a lot up to interpretation, but many agree that the flame of a candle is definitely spiritual. It allows us to mindfully savor the strange wonder of fire, encouraging us to appreciate its lifelike blaze. By being mindful of life in ways like these, we strengthen our relationship with all things spiritual. This helps us become more able to center ourselves and calm our minds.   
4.   You’re harnessing the power of fire.
We don’t always correlate energizing with calm, but the two share a close relationship. The element of fire carries with it a strong representation of life energy. Your mind can benefit from focusing on the flame of a candle with that in mind. By using it as a tool for empowerment, we can actually soothe our minds in the process. Just like taking that first step in lighting the candle, you are making an inspiring commitment to your well-being. That inspiration is certainly something to help you breathe easy.
5.   You are curating an ambiance.
Your surroundings contribute to your mental state, whether you notice it or not. A candle does wonders for a room, especially when it’s casting its warm and soothing light. That can, in turn, do wonders for your mood. When you put yourself into a comfortable and calming environment, you’re giving your chances of peacefulness a big boost. The mood that candlelight provides is without a doubt one of the more relaxing things to be enjoyed in life. 
A candle can’t change your mind without a lot of help from you, but it can certainly help get you there. Set the stage for tranquility, fill your space with ambient warmth, and take some deep breaths. Aromatherapy candles are a great union of two powerful calming tools. Just don’t forget to thank the flame itself after you’re done with your relaxation ritual!

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