AFTER Love and Light - Grief

You, or someone close to you, is grieving.

Death comes. Often without warning. Or we sense it and are given a bit of time to find our way to meet it. No matter the nature of death, suddenly we are bereft and flailing.

We’ve been where you are. Grief is painfully hard and so mysterious. Though we each experience it, the human journey through grief manifests with infinite variety. Each person’s experience is as unique as one’s own heart. How one finds a tender way through, greatly depends upon what support surrounds the griever. Our products are created as aids to ease a most profound pain–the pain of feeling suddenly alone.

AFTER. Within the hot blaze of grief as it comes, a path unfolds. Let us take your hand and help you along.

AFTER lends a hand when a tragedy fractures a life in two - the life before and the life after.

AFTER Love and Light glow

This is the perfect gift when someone you love is grieving and you just don’t want to give them flowers that die. There’s something so soothing about lighting a candle, especially one with this lovely aroma. Lighting a candle for someone you lost is very healing, and a great way to remember the moments with them. There’s nothing else out there like this, and I’m so happy this exists! - Alicia B


Together, let’s illuminate grief.

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