You, or someone close to you, is grieving.

We’ve been where you are. Grief is painfully hard and so mysterious. Though all experience it, the human journey through grief manifests with infinite variety. Each person’s experience is as unique as one’s own heart. How one finds a tender way through, greatly depends upon what support surrounds the griever. Our products are created as aids to ease a most profound pain–the pain of feeling suddenly alone.

Do you feel helpless when you hear that a friend has lost someone?

What do you do? You want to send them something to east their pain. Flowers? Food? A card? When should you send it? Is it too early or too late? At AFTER, we know. We can help you decide what’s best now. We have simple bereavement gifts which provide continuing support over an extended period as grief unfolds. We’ve been on both sides of grief. We know from personal experience that the only wrong thing to do is nothing. Your friend who is suffering wants to hear from you. Let us take care of the details. Thoughtful gifts begin at $49.

From a Place of Compassion